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Pacific Wilderness Wonderland: Rustic Cabins


Using Hemlock and Cedar logs cut and found at the site, crews have built a number of rustic cabins. As much as possible only materials from the site have been used during construction, only the roofing material and the windows/door have been hauled in. All cabins are build 'rustic' - this means, they are water-tight but have no insulation nor electric, nor plumbing/bathroom, nor a heat source/wood stove!

Two types of cabins have been constructed:

1) "traditional" log cabins:

the walls are constructed by stacking logs on each other and either overlapping or butting them at the corners.

2) cedar boarded cabins:

the walls are constructed by structural framing members which are covered on the outside by cedar boards with battens.

All cabins are build as 'movable' = not permanent structures and have a footprint of 16' x 12' (=196 sqft). They rest on a foundation of (large) cedar logs which are partly buried and leveled. On top of the cedar logs some hemlock logs are placed to bring the foundation to a level height, place a moisture barrier and allow air to move under the floor.

Which cabins are still available for sale?